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Subject: Cole Part 2 Gay Male Incest”Cole! Are you working out or not?”My father’s voice coming at me from down the hall took me out of my
momentary trance. Remembering how my brother Hank and I broke it to Dad
that we wanted to be nudists was a hot memory - one that I could never
forget.”Sorry, Dad!” I Lolitas Nude yelled back as him while trotting down the hall. Dad had
also put on his sneakers, although nothing else. I never got tired of
looking at his incredible muscular body and that big slab of meat between
his legs. We only wear shoes and socks in the gym to Lolitas Nude
protect our feet from
slipped weights and while we run.”What took so long? And why is your dick hard? We’re you rubbing one
out?” Dad Lolitas Nude
asked, smirking at me.”No!”, I laughed, not surprised or embarrassed by the question. It was a
completely reasonable assumption, after all. “I was just remembering the
afternoon that Hank and I told you we wanted to be nudists, then you showed
us how to trim our pubes. Always gets me pumped, thinking about that.” By
now I was right in front of him. He reached out and gave my semi-hard jock
cock a good squeeze, then cupped my hairless balls.”It was hot.” he agreed.We walked back down to the kitchen. Hank had come in from doing laps and
was currently bent over, head in the refrigerator, and his perfect stud ass
on display.”We’re working out, Hank. You in?” Dad asked.”Nah, I’m a little beat from the pool laps. Need to take 5. Sorry I blew
off the workout, Cole-sore, but I needed the practice.” Cole-sore was just
one of a few nicknames Hank has tagged me with over the years. For some
reason, it’s my favorite.”Don’t sweat it, Yanker.” The nickname thing went both ways. “Come on,
Dad.”We left the kitchen and crossed the yard to the outbuilding that housed the
gym. Late afternoon sun streamed across us both, and it felt great against
my skin. I do love the sun, and being nude in it is possibly the best
thing ever. Possibly.5000 square feet of professional gym, including every kind of equipment
possible, from free weights to cardio machines to a suspended hardwood
exercise studio sat a short stroll from the house. Dad had it designed and
installed when he’d bought the place - it was a fantastic luxury and the
three of us used it daily.Although Dad has made tons of money, he Lolitas Nude remains very down to earth. He
still works as a consultant when he wants to. He is an interesting guy - a
muscle-stud computer geek who is also movie star handsome. And with a huge
schlong. But humble. Seems impossible, but that really is my dad.Neither Hank nor I could think of living anywhere else. We have plenty of
space and complete freedom to be all out naked all the time. Not mention
the sex. Plus Dad, Hank and I really are best buds. It’s pretty much a
fucking dream come true.Dad threw all the lights on and the music as we walked into the gym.
“Shoulders or chest?” he asked me.”Let’s do chest today.” I said, walking over to a bench, sitting down, then
laying back. Weights were already loaded on the bar, so Dad walked around
and stood at my head to spot me. Looking up, I’m staring right into Dad’s
shaved ball sac. Eh, nothing new.We proceeded to lift for the next forty minutes - not really talking except
for the occasional “do it!” or “excellent!” - standard lifter
encouragement.There’s something spectacular about working out in the buff - watching your
muscles slick with sweat and popping. Catching a glimpse of your dick
wagging away as you do your reps. I cannot recommend a nude workout more.”Now, we run.” said Dad. We each took a treadmill and hit our preferred
program buttons. If a bare-assed workout is fantastic, nothing describes
the freedom of running nude. Never understand why everyone doesn’t want to
exercise regularly and forego the clothes. Just doesn’t make sense to me.”Alex and Manny did a great job on getting these things all set up.” Dad
said to me. It was newly installed equipment, wider than the previous
treadmills. Looking over at him, I watched his big prick bounce up and
down as he ran. “Can’t wait for them to get home.,” he said.Soon after moving into the house, and about the same time that Hank and I
made the decision to become nudists, with Dad jumping right in, it occurred
to him that he needed help on running the place. It was just too big, both
inside and out. He hadn’t been too sure how to go about getting people -
then when the whole naked thing came up, as well as his invitation allowing
Hank and I complete freedom in exploring sex with each other where ever we
wanted - well, it just all became a bit more complicated.As first Hank and I were unsure whether Dad really meant the sex thing he’d
mentioned in the bathroom that afternoon during the pube trim. So that
night Hank and I went into the living room about half and hour before
dinner was to be ready. Dad was prepping the grill for steaks and
vegetables just outside the French doors off the kitchen on the Lolitas Nude huge
industrial grill he had out there. And he was still nude himself. He
seemed to really have embraced the whole thing right from the start. I was
happy to see him naked - it said to me that he meant everything he’d said
that afternoon. From the doors, you can see through the dining room and
into the living room. Hank and I sat on the sofa, then continued making
out. Since Dad made us kiss in the bathroom earlier, I just couldn’t get
enough of my big brother’s sweet lips, and we’d been macking on each other
all afternoon. Both our juices were flowing, cocks throbbing, but we kept
holding off from blowing. Later we learned this is called “edging” and
many guys do it purposely to intensify their orgasm once they do allow
themselves to shoot. That’s just the way all three of us roll now, but it
was new to Hank and I then.As we continued the make out session, Hank got up, pushed me back on the
sofa so I was laying flat, then turned himself around and laid down next to
me so that we were in a classic 69.”No time like the present to try that blowjob again, baby bro.” Hank said
to me while lacing the fingers of one hand around my steel-hard shaft.
“Geez, look at how much juice you’re leaking.” The clear but sticky
evidence of how much fun I was having was dripping down my dick and over
his fingers. He lapped at my swollen cockhead with his tongue, then looked
at me and smiled. I grabbed his dick and did the same. “I’m so fucking
hot.” I moaned, then licked at his sweet swollen cock again.”Excellent!” whispered Hank. “Here goes.” He opened his mouth and
deep-throated my entire dick, right down to what was left of my pubes. I
strained hard to keep myself from popping off right there.”Go easy on him. Make it last.” said my Dad. Neither Hank or I had heard
or seen him come in. He was sitting in a wing-back chair opposite us, his
legs spread, his big fucking cock sticking straight up, one hand holding a
highball glass with ice and liquid - Dad did like a pre-dinner cocktail on
occasion and apparently this was one of those times. His other hand was
leisurley running his fingers up and down his stiff dick shaft. “Both of
you take your time. Dinner can wait. Cole, eat your brother’s cock - make
him happy.”I followed Dad’s instructions and started licking Hank’s cockhead, running
the tip of my tongue along his swollen piss slit, then swirling all around
the shaft, slowly getting more and more of his hot dick in my mouth. The
whole time Dad sat there, sipping his drink and slowly but openly
masturbating to his sons trading blowjobs.”God damned hot.” was all he said.My mouth was being flooded by Hank’s pre-cum and the smell and taste of it
was only getting me hotter. Hank suddenly snaked his other hand up between
my butt cheeks and started to play with my asshole. Lolitas Nude I instinctively opened
my ass up to give him better access, but it really didn’t matter. His
fingers tapping on my hole, my whole cock down his throat, his wet meat in
my own mouth all did me in. I blew a huge wad of come into my brother’s
mouth, shot after shot, pushing my hips into his face again and again. To
his credit, he never let up, taking everything my body could throw at him.
While I know that he was also on the verge, I was still surprised by the
volleys that suddenly shot to the back of my throat, one right after the
other. But I kept it all in, too. My brother’s sweet juice - I’d finally
taken it, and our Dad watched the whole thing.”Fucking hot!” Dad yelled, then shot his own load all over his chest.”YEAH, Dad! Shoot it!” I yelled at him.”Bust your nutt, man!” encouraged Hank.We all sat there for a minute - both my brother and I with out heads
resting on each other’s hip, the other’s spent cock just inches from our
mouths. Occasionally, he or I would lean forward and kiss the other’s
slimy cockhead or ball sac.Dad sat where he was, his spunk roped up across his chest, looking at us
with a smile on his face and enjoying his pre-dinner drink. “There you go,
boys. How was that?” he asked us both.”Fucking awesome.” I answered, then smiled.”Only one thing missing.” said Hank. Dad looked at him with a puzzled expression.”Your cock in all of this.” Hank said to Dad.”Totally.” I added, then looked at Dad to see how he’s react.”Next time.” was all he said, then winked at us. He drained his drink,
then got up and went into the kitchen to clean himself up. “Come on -
let’s get dinner out of the way”+++Hank and I took a quick rinse in the outdoor shower, then joined Dad as he
grilled. He’d set Lolitas Nude
the table outside - it was a fantastic, Lolitas Nude
warm California
summer night. As we sat down, I noticed wine glasses at each place
setting. Hank and I were never allowed wine with dinner. But I didn’t say
anything.Dad reached over to my wine glass and said “Cole?” while holding an open
bottle of red, waiting to pour.”Really?”"Son, as I said this afternoon, you’re old enough to be making very adult
decisions for yourself. You got naked and had a beer. You just sucked
your brother’s cock - and swallowed his load. I think it calls for a glass
of wine if you want it.”"Sure!” I said, handing him my glass. When it was Lolitas Nude full, he passed it back
and Hank handed Dad his.”Now, so that there’s no misunderstanding. An occasional beer, or a glass
of wine with dinner is one thing. But I’m not telling you guys you can tie
one on whenever you want. You are only seventeen and nineteen.”"No worries, Dad. Coach has drilled into me the need to avoid alcohol. I
wanna continue getting big and cut - the sauce won’t help.” explained Hank.”Totally agree.” I said. “I wanna get as big as you, Dad. I’m not doing
anything to get in the way of that.” With time we both proved it to him -
three years later neither Hank or I drink more than the bottle of beer or
dinner wine. We continued sports training and lifting and today, well, I’ve
already described what we both look like. It didn’t just happen.Dad smiled, and raised his glass. “To us, and to our new freedoms. Enjoy
yourselves!”During the meal we made standard small talk - about the house, which we
were still getting used to - and the things we all wanted to see happen to
it as we lived in it.”There is one thing, tho. This place is big.” Dad said. “Way too big for
just us to take care of Lolitas Nude
it. I was thinking of hiring some people - thought
maybe a couple. Someone to take care of the grounds and outbuildings and
someone to cook and clean in the main house. After what’s happened today,
tho, I don’t know if that’s gonna be easy to find.”Hank and I looked at each other. My first thought was there goes
everything. There’s no way we’ll ever find anyone who’d be comfortable
living with a nude family of guys who happen to have no problem getting off
in front of each other. Oh, and who were father and sons. Hank, I
suspected was thinking the same thing.”So, does this mean we need to cool it on everything?” I asked Dad.He smiled at me. “So soon? We’re just getting started and - well, I like
it. Clearly you two do as well. I don’t want to, if you both don’t.”"Fuck no!” I piped in with.”Me neither.” said Hank.”Well, we’ll figure something out.” said Dad. We’d finished the meal.
Hank and I cleared the dishes. When we got back outside, Dad had poured us
all another glass of wine. We sat down and sat back. The gentle breeze of
the evening felt very sensual against my naked skin. My body was starting
to tingle a little.”So, about the blowjobs…” Dad suddenly asked.Hank and I looked at him. “What?” I asked.”Did you like it?”"Oh Lolitas Nude
fuck yes.” I answered. “Sorry, dad. I feel like I say fuck a lot all
of a sudden.”"Little man, it’s ok. After what Lolitas Nude we’ve seen today, I don’t care what
language you use around Hank and me. But only around us. Got that?”"Deal.” I stated. Lolitas Nude
Dad reached over and tweaked my nipple.”It was fucking awesome to suck Cole’s dick, Dad. We was so hard and he
was leaking buckets of juice.” Hank surprised both Dad and me with how
strong he said this.”Wow.” said Dad. “You did seem to be enjoying it, Cole.”I just smiled.”Do you guys consider yourselves gay?” asked Dad, very gingerly.”No,” stated Hank, very strongly. “I’m not sure what the deal is. I just
had a good time and you said it was ok.” There was something defensive in
his voice that both Dad and I heard immediately.”It is ok, Hank.” said Dad, very matter of factly. “I said earlier I’m ok
with it all and I mean it. And I don’t care whether you are gay or not, as
long as you’re happy. What about you, Cole?”"I’m totally into dick, Dad. There, I said it. I’m gay. I know I am.
I’ve known for awhile, but making out with Hank today, then getting that
incredible blowjob and having him Lolitas Nude play with my butt like he did. Shit -
I’m hooked. I’ve never, ever thought of a girl in this way.”"That’s cool.,” said Dad. “If you’re sure, I’m all for it. But you are
just seventeen. You might change your mind.”"Nope. Not me.” I stated. “I love cock.” I took a swig of my wine and
smiled at my Dad and brother.”Cole-sore, you are whacked.” Hank said to me, reaching over and tousling
my hair. “Love you, bro.”"What about you, Hank? Any pussy?”I was a bit surprised to hear my dad say pussy, for some reason. Maybe it
was the wine.”Sure. A couple of times. To be honest, when you’re nineteen and hot, you
have a lot of opportunity on both sides.” Hank said this with no malice or
guile - he was just stating the obvious and we all completely understood.”What’d you think?” asked Dad.”To tell the truth, it was ok. To get really graphic, I’ve tried cunt and
ass, both girl and guy. I kinda prefer ass.” Hank shrugged.”Lucky you, then.” Dad said. “You just opened up your possibilities to
one hundred percent of the human race.” He smiled at Hank.”When you said that you didn’t care what Cole and I do together, did you
mean anything we want to do?”I took another pull of wine, but kept quiet. I had no idea where this was
going.”Anything at all, as long as you both agree, no one is forced or cajoled
into anything, and no one is hurt emotionally or physically. Both of you
are too fucking hot and beautiful to ever be damaged in any way.”Both Hank and I were a bit overwhelmed by Dad’s last statement. Our big
mound of a muscle Dad, being as naked with us emotionally as he was
physically. I’d never felt closer to these two guys in my life as I did
just then.”Did you know I was gay, Dad?” I asked, trying to lighten the moment
somehow.Dad chuckled. “I thought you might be. This afternoon after I shaved your
pubes and when I was feeding you dick juice I thought you were going to
pass out. You were staring at my cock like you were going to attack it at
any moment.”I blushed crimson. Again, Dad reached over and tweaked my nipple while
winking Lolitas Nude
at me.”When Hank was eating your cock earlier, and playing with your butt, you
were moaning so loudly I figured neighbors might hear you.”"The closest one is a mile away.” said Hank, laughing.”Exactly.” deadpanned Dad in response.”It just felt sooooo fucking good.” I said, leaning back in my chair and
running my hand up and down my naked body. The night air felt amazing
running through my shaved crotch. My dick started to swell and I tugged at
it, letting it fatten up as big as it wanted to.”You clearly know how to deep-throat a cock, Hank.” Dad said.”As I said earlier, I’ve had a bit of practice.”"”I sucked at it.” I said, then realized what I’d just said. “I meant that
in the bad way. Well, actually, I probably licked at it more. It’s tough
getting nine inches of stiff cockmeat in your mouth.”Dad and Hank both laughed.”You did just fine, little bro.” said Hank. “And anytime you want to
practice, it’s yours.”"Excellent!”Dad pushed himself away from the table but remained seated. As he
stretched his body, his cock, fully hard, slapped against his muscled
abdomen. He reached down and adjusted his ball sac so the whole thing -
cock and balls - rested atop his hairless, beefy thighs.Dad was looking up at the stars. Hank was staring at Dad’s cock.”How about you, Dad?” I asked.”Huh?” responded Dad, returning from wherever he was in that second.”Can I practice giving head on you? After all, that dick is the reason I’m
here Lolitas Nude right now.”Dad looked at me and smiled a wicked little grin. “You want to taste my
daddy dick, Cole? Is that what you’re asking?”"Yes.” My cock shot up even higher and harder than it was already. Hank
just sat there, not saying a word, but with an amazed look in his eye.”Well, ya gotta ask in the right way. I told you earlier that I don’t care
what language you use around Hank and me. Everybody’s got their hot
buttons. For me, it’s talking sexy and having someone talk sexy back. Not
mean, not abusive - but sexy.”Daddy, would it be alright if I kiss your cock? I’ve wanted to all day
long. It makes me really fucking hot, looking at that big warm piece of
meat and wondering what it would be like to kiss it at the tip, run my wet
tongue along the shaft, lick at your big daddy balls, then try to get as
much of your cock down my throat as I can.” I was stroking my own meat
while I said this, fighting the urge to shove about three fingers up my
butt. “Like that Daddy, is that how I need to ask?”"Yup.” my Dad said. “You can chow down whenever you want to, sexy man.”I got up from my chair, walked over and kneeled down in front of my Dad. My
eyes never left his face, and he was smiling at me the whole time.”It’s huge, daddy. And it’s so hot. You make a lot of Lolitas Nude
juice too.”"Do what you Lolitas Nude
can to daddy’s dick, baby. Take it a slow as you need to.
And there’s always gonna be plenty of juice seeping out for you when you
talk to me like that, baby. Enjoy it. You’re a hot stud.”I gripped the base of his ten inch schlong and licked it from ball sac to
crown like it was a lollipop, making sure I sucked all the nectar from the
piss slit. Dad threw his head back and moaned.It was impossible for me to do anything substantial to Dad’s dick - it was
just too big. But I worked at it for quite some time, jacking it, licking
it, Lolitas Nude swabbing it with the flat of my tongue. I was crouched down on my
feet, my legs splayed a bit for balance. All of a sudden, I felt a hand on
the flat of my back. Hank was crouched next to me.”Wanna share that?” Hank asked me.Hank looked up at Dad. “Can I taste it too, Dad? Can I have some of that
honey that my baby bro is lapping up? You’ve got enough dick to feed both
of your sons. Can I join in?”"Ask your brother.” was all my dad said.I looked at Hank, took my mouth off dad’s now wet cock, leaned over and
stuck my tongue into my big brother’s mouth. We kissed hard for a bit.When we broke, I didn’t say anything, just offered up Dad’s enormous prick.
Hank licked the head, then opened his mouth and started swallowing. He
couldn’t get the whole thing in, but did manage about 8 inches.”Very fucking hot, bro.” I growled, then starting lapping at Dad’s hairless
ball sac. Dad continued moaning, totally enjoying the service his sons
were giving him. While Hank was eating Dad’s cock, he reached beneath me
and starting running his fingers up and down my crack and over my hole. I
moaned as well. I love the feeling of ass play, I realized. Hank started
to concentrate his fingertips on my rosebud and I realized that as he was
doing this I was pushing myself down, trying to get his fingers into my
hole. Hank pulled off Dad’s cock once more and I looked up at him. When I
did, he lip locked me again, then put his finger in my ass. It was like a
searing hot flame that I couldn’t get enough of.”Awww….fuck!” I moaned, pulling off of Hank’s mouth. My eyes closed
again.”What’s he doin’ to ya, Cole?” whispered my dad in a sexy low tone.”Fingerfucking me. He’s got his Lolitas Nude finger in my butt, dad.” I was in
ecstasy.”How’s it feel, Cole? Tell me. Tell your daddy what it feels like.”Hank went back to sucking dad’s prong, but never stopped the butt action.”Hot. Really hot. I’m going crazy. It’s making me crazy, Dad. My cock
is leaking all kinds of juice. I dripping down the shaft. Look.” I
opened my legs to show my prick to my dad, and in doing that I tightened my
grip on my brother’s finger in my ass. I moaned louder.”Fuck! You two are so fucking hot!” dad said. Then he started bucking his
hips. Hank sucked harder, then Dad hit his mark and started shooting into
Hank’s mouth. It was an incredibly intense orgasm. Dad was yanking on his
tits while he shot, his head thrown back and he just kept muttering, “fuck”
with every thrust of his ass off the chair seat.I lost it, and my own cock went off like a roman candle, shooting streams
of thick jizz about two feet in the air, then splashing back down. As soon
as Dad finished shooting, Hank pulled off his dick, grabbed the back of my
head and pushed his lips to mine. It took me a minute to realize that Hank
was also pushing Dad’s spunk into my mouth along with his tongue. I
reached over and grabbed Hank’s straining dick. I only had to jack him a
few times when his own meat volcano erupted, shooting his load equally as
high as mine. While he was shooting, he broke our kiss, leaned back on his
haunches and thrust his hips forward, essentially fucking my hand as I
jacked him.”Son of a bitch!” Hank screamed, wracked by the orgasm, his finger now gone
from my butt cuz he needed both hands to prop himself up while I jerked his
spasming cock.We collapsed against each other - Hank and I with our heads against Dad’s
thighs, sitting at his beautiful, perfect bony feet. Mine and my Lolitas Nude brother’s
cum was splashed across both of Dad’s insteps. In addition to everything
else, Dad has hot feet that he takes great care with - trimmed nails, no
marks or scars. Seeing them drenched in hot, thick ball juice was a truly
erotic site. Dad sat in the chair, one hand on each of our heads, stroking
our hair.Once we’d all come down from the high, we showered outside, under the
stars, taking great care to clean each other up while lightly kissing at
random. It was amazing.As we went inside for the night Dad suggested that Hank and I sleep with
him in his giant king sized bed. So we did, snuggling against him all
night long.
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